We utilize a variety of decoration methods when custom-printing your logo or design onto the merchandise that we sell. Our standard methods are listed below but we continually strive to give our customers additional options and can also print in a variety of innovative mediums such as dye-sublimation printing. We hope to gradually expand our site to include all methods as standard options but at the moment anything not listed in the categories below must be custom-ordered by phone or email. In this case “custom-ordered” should not be seen as synonymous with “more expensive” and some of these specialized methods often work out to be more cost-effective than their more standard counterparts. Rather, the need to custom-order them is primarily due to certain specific requirements regarding the materials that they can be printed on or similar technical matters. Nonetheless, if you are interested in alternate printing methods please get in touch.

Decoration Placement

Based on the most common customer requests, we have prepared a standardized list of placement locations for each product type that we carry. These allow us to offer our decoration services in a semi-automated fashion through our site itself rather than having to force our customers to get in touch for a quote every time they wish to place an order. To order an item with your design printed on it simply visit the product in question, choose your size and colour options (where applicable), and then walk through the steps of our decoration module. This will allow you to upload your own logo or design to our server, choose the location on the item where you wish to place it, and then have the decoration service priced accordingly. If your order requires more specific placement than the common generalized areas we have listed, please select the closest match and specify all the necessary placement details in the description box.

After your order has been placed we will process it and will get in touch with you if we have any questions or concerns about the order. Depending on the method you have selected for printing (listed below), some orders are subject to a setup fee and this is generally factored in when the order is initially placed. This is generally dependent on the artwork you have sent us as some designs may require additional processing depending on the medium selected and sometimes there is a cost associated with this. As such, we reserve the right to contact you to revise the order in the event that this happens. At that point you will be given the option of paying any fees associated with the processing, switching to an alternate design, or cancelling the order. Generally when this need arises these additional costs are a one-time thing (per design) and we will keep the revised design on file for your future orders. By sending us artwork in specific formats this processing can generally be avoided outright.

Finally, re-orders are even easier! If you want to place the same order that you have placed in the past you can simply visit your order history (make sure you’re logged into your account first), hit re-order and then add to or edit your cart accordingly. Either way, your previous logos and designs will be saved on our server and tied to your unique account which means that you’ll never have to send us your artwork again unless you have made changes to it. Simply select your design from the list when placing your order and you’re in business!

Confused or have questions? We don’t blame you – there are a lot of variables at work here. As always, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.

Artwork Requirements

In a nutshell, our artwork requirements are “send us the best quality artwork that you possibly can.” In a pinch, just get us what you can and we’ll sort out what needs to be done with it. If it needs additional processing we’ll contact you to explain the associated costs before we actually process your order. That way everything stays above the board and you are given the chance to make alternate arrangements if need be. That said, there are a few things that you can do when prepping your art that could potentially save you some time and money.

Resolution : Within reason, the higher the resolution the better. We can always scale down if necessary but scaling up from low-res artwork generally requires reconstructing it. Just send us the best that you’ve got. If there are issues, we’ll get back to you before we process the order.

Format : If you are planning on having your design embroidered and you happen to already have the digitized stitch files, please send those along. That will save you from $50-100 in setup fees as we will not have to prep that art ourselves. If you’ve never had that particular design embroidered before then we would be happy to do the processing for you. The relevant setup fee will be automatically charged when you are placing your order and you will not have to pay that again on future embroidered orders using that logo (unless you need something changed). For all other decoration methods listed below (or , please send us your artwork in either a high-res bitmap format (JPEG, PNG, etc.) or better yet as a vector file (AI, EPS, PDF, etc.) or the original PSD artwork used by Photoshop. We can generally make any of those formats work and you will be contacted if we have any issues.

Decoration Methods

The following is a pricing breakdown and description of each of our standard printing methods for decorated products.


Roughly tied with screen-printing as our most common printing method, embroidery tends to offer designs a more formal look when used with a logo. With a few exceptions (usually based on material) most of our garment-based products are suitable to be embroidered. This is often a cost-effective solution for frequent smaller runs as the setup cost for converting a design into the proper format is a one-time fee and we generally charge a flat rate per item regardless of the number of colors in the design. This rate is $4.49/hit/item for smaller logos (such as those found on a chest or sleeve placement) of up to 8000 stitches or $15.00/hit/item for larger logos such as a full back-piece (up to 30,000 stitches). Larger stitch-counts require a custom quote so please contact us before placing an order for a design which you believe may require over 30,000 stitches. When placing your order our shopping cart system automatically prices your order based on the location you have chosen for placement and we will get in touch before processing if we determine that this pricing is not accurate based on the design you have submitted. These default values are as follows:

Large Logo $15.00/hit/item:

Product Type Price/Each (First Colour)
Shirts, Outerwear, or any other garments worn on a person’s torso $Full Front, Full Back, Bottom Back
Pants, Shorts, other Leggings Bottom Back (“Seat” area)
Bags Dependent on bag in question. This defaults to the smaller rate but by request some bags can feature a larger design.

Smaller Logo $4.49/hit/item:

All decoration placements not listed in the above table default to this rate on an initial order with a new design. If your design falls out of the 8000 stitch-count cutoff you will be contacted with the exact price before your order is processed. Once we determine the exact stitch-count this will be tied to that particular design and future orders using the same logo will be priced accordingly automatically. (Because our shopping cart is magic like that!)

Setup Fees/Pre-Production Processing: The machines used in modern embroidery depend on the use of specialized image files (collectively called “stitch files”) which instruct the machine on the pattern to follow while stitching the design. If you already have stitch files prepared for your logo you can submit those with your order to save on the initial setup fee. Assuming there are no problems with the files, we will simply use them to have your order printed. If you do not already have stitch files – and you probably don’t unless you’ve had that design embroidered before – just send us whatever artwork you can and we will have them converted. The setup fee for this process is $50.00 for smaller logos (using the pricing scheme listed above) and $100.00 for most larger designs (up to 30,000 stitches). This is a one-time fee which you will only be charged once for regardless of how many additional embroidery orders you place using the same design. Once the logo has been converted, we can use it again and again to process your orders.


Also known as silk-screening, screening is tied with embroidery as our most common printing method. If you’ve ever seen a t-shirt with a logo on it you’ve almost definitely seen screen-printing before. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re currently wearing something that has been screened! If you’ve never even seen something that has been screen-printed you’re probably a very formal person – possibly even the Monopoly™ Man.

The setup process for screen-printing is a little more involved than for embroidery which means that there is always a setup fee associated with any screen-printed order (which we have built into our screen-printing prices). That said, typically the actual process of applying the logos is a little less time-intensive which means that the per-unit cost is lower after you account for the setup fee. In layman’s terms, this means that embroidery is often more cost-effective for smaller orders but once you get past a few dozen pieces screen-printing can become more economical. That said, each process presents an entirely different aesthetic so often your decision will come down to what look you want for your products rather than which happens to be less expensive.

Unlike with embroidery, another factor involved in pricing screen-printing is the number of colours used by your logo or design. Each additional colour adds to the time and labor involved in printing a logo, so our pricing structure is broken down both by quantity of pieces in the order as well as by the number of colors.

Screen-Printing Pricing Structure

Note: Per-order setup fee for screen-printing is built into these prices.

# of Pieces Price/Each (First Colour) Price/Each (Additional Colour)
25-49 $4.00 $2.25
50-99 $2.75 $1.50
100-249 $2.00 $0.75
250-499 $1.25 $0.60
500-999 $1.00 $0.40
1000+ $0.75 $0.30

As an example, suppose that you want to get a 3-colour logo printed onto an order of 60 t-shirts. The decoration fees for each piece of this order would be (2.75 for the first colour + 1.50 for the 2nd colour + 1.50 for the third colour) = $5.75/shirt. That price would automatically be calculated and added to your order during our “add to cart” process on our site.

You can see from the chart that you start to save a great deal as you place a larger order so with screened products it is generally best to order them in bulk to take advantage of this. Also note that this pricing is per order, not per product – this means that you can mix and match products and as long as you are ordering the same logo on each you will be priced according to the total number of pieces in your order rather than the number of pieces of each product. So, if in addition to the 60 t-shirts in the previous order you also decided to order 40 jackets with the same design screened onto them, you would be priced at the 100-249 piece bracket and each piece would only incur $3.50 in decoration fees rather than the original $5.75. Neat, huh?

Lastly, you’ll see that our pricing starts at a minimum of 25 pieces for screen-printed orders. This is because we see that as the lowest cost-effective price point for our customers and you are typically better off ordering embroidery if you want less than 25 pieces decorated. If you’re truly set on screen-printing only a few pieces, however, by all means please contact us for a quote! We’re always happy to help.


GeoPanel​™​ is a printing method unique to products from Starline™​​ and their affiliate brands (TacPack™​​, UrbanPeak™​​, etc.). The GeoPanel™ process is an exciting breakthrough in transfer technology where a unique heat and pressure process transfers your logo in vibrant color directly onto the product. GeoPanel™ requires any geometric shape as a background. It can be a standard shape, like a circle or square or a shape of your own creation. GeoPanel™ includes up to a 4-color process with one set-up. An approximate 1/8″ border will surround your image. This can be white OR color matched as indicated. We will default to a white background, if the color is not specified. With our upgraded TruColor GeoPanel™ technology, PMS colors can be matched exactly.​

Other Printing Methods

In addition to embroidery and screen-printing we also utilize a number of other printing methods, though many of these are unique to certain product types and are explained on the appropriate product pages (such as many “hard goods” in our promotional products department) or are not yet available to be ordered through our site due to their heavily customized nature. An example of the latter is dye-sublimation printing which is a process similar to screen-printing but has a few specific requirements as far as garment types and allows for cost-effective full-colour printing. We are very excited to be able to offer such a wide array of printing methods and are working hard to have them all available through our online store. In the meantime, you can always get in touch if you’d like to inquire about any of our less standard printing methods.