Current Covid-19 Restrictions

Current Covid-19 Restrictions

Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Yes, We’re Still Open For Business

We’d love to see you, but we’re strictly adhering to the new provincial guidelines. (And for your and our safety, we’re going above and beyond the actual requirements.)

Here’s what you need to know if you plan on visiting our office during the current restrictions.

Covid-19 Update

Visiting Our Showrooms

Our showrooms and office are once again open to the public, but we have strict health & safety restrictions in place:

  1. Our doors are presently locked to allow us to more accurately contact trace visitors. Please ring the buzzer and someone will be with you shortly.
  2. We are attempting to limit showroom visitors to one group of no more than two people at a time. We are technically allowed a higher number of customers in the store at once, but we’ve put this limit in place to ensure that other customers can stop in to pick up orders at the reception desk while we are assisting others in the showroom.
  3. All customers must wear a mask while anywhere in our building.
  4. All employees must wear a mask while not at their personal workstation.
  5. Persons within our building are asked to do their best to ensure that they are able to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet when not otherwise impossible (such as when we are handing off a package).

While we are open for walk-in visitors, if you’re interested in viewing products in our showroom we suggest booking an appointment in advance to ensure that we are able to help you without asking you to wait to enter our building. As always, we’re happy to assist you by phone or email.

Picking Up Your Order

If you’ve been told that an order is ready for pickup please pull up to the door at the back of the building during business hours (no appointment necessary for pickups). If coming through the parking lot it’ll be the farthest set of doors. If the door is locked please ring the buzzer and we’ll load you up without you having to set foot in the building. After ringing the buzzer, you may have to wait a moment for two for one of us to run to the back of the building – it’s a bit of a jog.

If paying for an order in-person by debit or credit card you’ll need to visit our front desk so please be sure to bring a mask. Our front door generally remains unlocked during regular business hours but if we are already at capacity you will be politely asked to remain outside or in your vehicle until we are able to assist you.

We thank you all for your patience and respect during this time. We’d love to see you in person, but our biggest priority is the health of ourselves, our clients, and our community.