Can Coolers: You’ll Love to Beat The Heat

You know it, and we know it – the weather’s been more than a bit ridiculous in Canada this summer. If you like that sort of thing you probably enjoy nothing more than sitting outside with a cold one. If you hate the heat, you probably need the promise of something cool to be willing to leave the house.

We’ve got just the thing! Our new line of custom-printed Can Coolers and Beverage Coolers have just been launched on their own website, cancooler.ca

Product Features

Our custom-printed can coolers will give you a ton of bang for your buck. They are:

  • Inexpensive but durable
  • Printed in full colour
  • Made in Canada
  • NAFTA-compliant & ship duty-free to the USA

Who Are Our Can Coolers For?

These can and beverage coolers are perfect for almost any type of organization or even for individuals.

Corporate & Organization Promo Gifts

Have an outdoor event planned for your organization? Custom-printed can coolers are an inexpensive way to go the extra mile in branding your event. Everyone will be holding a beverage with your logo printed on it, and you can gift them to your attendees when the event is over.

Sports Teams

Beat the heat with your outdoor sports this summer by providing a can cooler to all of your players and their families. Better yet, raise funds by selling them to your team’s fans!

Family Events

Do you have a large family and are planning a gathering or other event? Heck, maybe even a casual outdoor wedding? Our can coolers will make a great gift for those in attendance – and you’ll make quite an impression.

Much More

We’re just scratching the surface here. From trade show gifts to retail sales items, these are a versatile product that literally anyone can use.

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Check ‘Em Out Now

We’ve currently got seven styles available, from standard can coolers to bottle coolers, and even snap wrap and velcro styles! Each of them is fully customizable with your logo or message. Most even allow for printing over the entire surface.

Check them out now and get those creative juices flowing. What can’t you do with your can coolers?